The Parelli Program will take you from where ever you are in your horsemanship journey to where you want to be. 

Students of Parelli, worldwide, are excelling with horses every day.

The Parelli Natural Horse Training Method combines in-depth equine psychology and common sense communication techniques into the ultimate recipe for horse and rider success.  It allows horse owners at all levels of experience (whether that be pleasure or trail rider, Reining, Cutting, Harness, Olympic level Event or Dressage rider) to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance and harmony without coercion.

David & Kid Rock working the flag

What is Parelli Natural Horsemanship?

David is a highly regarded 4 Star Senior Parelli Instructor who has been studying the Parelli Program for 23 years. He has studied Horse Psychology, Horse Behaviour and Horse Development directly with Pat Parelli and other Master Horsemen over this time, including Ronnie Willis. David is dedicated to “never ending self improvement” and as such travels regularly overseas to constantly improve and further his horsemanship.

David’s focus and commitment is to help people gain the confidence and skills they need to achieve, whatever goals they desire with their horse. His vision is of a perfect horse and human partnership represented by the horse being – calmer, smarter, braver and more athletic whether it’s out in the paddock, on the trail or in the competition arena.

Using the proven methods of Parelli™ Natural Horsemanship David will help you develop that partnership for yourself.

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Plan your education, accelerate your horsemanship, and make your dreams and goals become a reality. Bring your horse and learn.

No matter how much you read and how much you do at home you will never advance as quickly as you will by spending time with an instructor.

David offers Courses and Camps of Parelli™ Natural Horsemanship throughout Australia.


Courses can be 2 Days, 3 Days or 4 Half Days in duration. They can cover from Level 1 through to Level 4 in all four savvies, on line, liberty, freestyle and finesse (Parelli Pathways). They offer a variety of theory, principle and practice to help you understand the fundamentals of horsemanship. Whether just starting out or moving through the Levels these Courses are a great way to advance with your horse.


Camps are of 5 to 6 Days in duration. For those wanting to execrate their learning by spending more consecutive days with David, studying the Parelli Program and who are serious about their development and the development of their horse.

The camps offer 5 full days of no distractions, only you, your horse and horsemanship, spent with other like minded people. Each camp has its own particular focus. David will teach you what you, and your horse, need to know to advance with your horsemanship goals.

David offers camps in:

  • Level adv.2/3 Horsemanship
  • Level 3/4 Horsemanship
  • Intensive Study of Horsemanship for Level adv. 2, 3 & 4
  • Level 3/4 Principle with a Purpose – Working with Cattle

Courses and Camps near you.

Would you like David to come and teach a Course or Camp in your area? This can be arranged, contact us about what would work for you.

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Articles & Testimonials

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David Grace – Horseman

Having first started with horses in his mid twenties, David soon realized how important it was to find a good instructor, one that was actually a true horseman and understood how to teach the horse and its handler.

David discovered Pat Parelli and Pat’s teaching program in natural horsemanship in 1989. He attended a two day course instructed by Pat and was so taken by Pat’s knowledge, expertise and teaching methods that he has followed in Pat’s path ever since.

Since this time David has participated every year in courses with Pat, first in Australia from 1989 to1996 and then in the USA until present day.

As well as teaching and demonstrating in Australia, David has also taught and demonstrated in New Zealand, worked in Japan starting Colts and lived in the USA for a year teaching, administering Foundation Training and starting Colts. While in the USA David managed over a hundred quarter horses and was responsible for their development. During this one year period David was also fortunate enough to study under Master Horseman and one of Pat’s mentors, Ronnie Willis.

David & Students 2015

It was in 1995 that David became an Endorsed Parelli Instructor and for seventeen years he has been teaching Pat’s program both in Australia and overseas. David has taught over seven hundred Courses in Parelli and started, under saddle, over six hundred young horses.

As well as an Instructor, David is also a Parelli Senior Horse Development Specialist.  He has attended Colt Start Courses that Pat has taught since 1995 (a total of 12 Colt Start Courses with Pat).  He also has attended two Colt Start Courses with Ronnie Willis.  In one of these Courses David assisted Ronnie with the instruction and then went on to lead, with another Parelli Instructor and the approval of Pat, a Colt Starting Course in Montana USA.

Now living on a cattle property in Queensland, David travels extensively throughout Australia with his horses teaching the Parelli Program. David never fails to amaze people with his incredible ability to cause them to understand and progress in Pat’s teaching program. His depth of knowledge of the Parelli Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 and his extensive teaching experience enables him to provide people with the foundation for excellence in all horsemanship endeavors and to have them experience a relationship with their horse far beyond what they ever thought possible.


Horse Development

David is a Senior Licensed 4*Parelli Horse Development Specialist, who has spent time personally with Pat Parelli, and has earn’t Pat’s confidence to develop horses for their owners.  David has expertise in every stage of horse development: