Plan your education, accelerate your horsemanship, and make your dreams and goals become a reality. Bring your horse and learn.

No matter how much you read and how much you do at home you will never advance as quickly as you will by spending time with an instructor.

David offers Courses and Camps of Parelli™ Natural Horsemanship throughout Australia.


Courses can be 2 Days, 3 Days or 4 Half Days in duration. They can cover from Level 1 through to Level 4 in all four savvies, on line, liberty, freestyle and finesse (Parelli Pathways). They offer a variety of theory, principle and practice to help you understand the fundamentals of horsemanship. Whether just starting out or moving through the Levels these Courses are a great way to advance with your horse.


Camps are of 5 to 6 Days in duration. For those wanting to execrate their learning by spending more consecutive days with David, studying the Parelli Program and who are serious about their development and the development of their horse.

The camps offer 5 full days of no distractions, only you, your horse and horsemanship, spent with other like minded people. Each camp has its own particular focus. David will teach you what you, and your horse, need to know to advance with your horsemanship goals.

David offers camps in:

  • Level adv.2/3 Horsemanship
  • Level 3/4 Horsemanship
  • Intensive Study of Horsemanship for Level adv. 2, 3 & 4
  • Level 3/4 Principle with a Purpose – Working with Cattle

Courses and Camps near you.

Would you like David to come and teach a Course or Camp in your area? This can be arranged, contact us about what would work for you.

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