Foundation Training

“Foundation should always come before Specialization” – It is ideal to have your horse mentally, emotionally and physically developed to achieve your pleasure, performance or competition goals.  With a solid foundation a horse will be accepting, willing, exuberant, obedient and safe.

David & Jess

Once a horse has been started under saddle the next step is to continue with its Foundation.  Foundation Training is all about developing a horse through the Parelli system, taking him from Level 1 through to Level 4 in all four Savvies on line, liberty, freestyle and finesse (Parelli Pathways).

Having a good foundation can not only speed up the development of a horse but can also close the gap between the rider’s level of savvy and what the horse requires to progress.  If the gap is too big between horse and rider then safety can become an issue and the relationship & development of both the horse and rider can stagnate or even go backwards.

Would you like to:

  • Accelerate your horse’s progress
  • Bridge the gap between you and your horse
  • Advance your horse to accelerate your progress
  • Advance your horse for safety
  • Advance your horse to help you reach your goals
  • Have your horse mentally and emotionally ready to become your Pleasure, Performance or Competition horse

David offers Foundation Training at his property “Coolibah”, Condamine, Qld.

Foundation Training Fee (minimum of two weeks or longer depending on how far you wish your horse to go in its development): minimum of 15hours per week with your horse.

  • Fee per week, per horse – $990 for Horse Education
  • Fee per day, per horse – $25 for Feed & Agistment

Once your horse has completed its Foundation training you have the opportunity to then spend two days with your horse, with David as he usually will have a level 1/2 Starting your Relationship and Developing a Partnership 2 day course, immediately following.