Young Horse Handling

This is the first step of the horse’s education.  Young horse handling is where the horse learns to trust and accept – totally, unconditionally, and without force.  A communication is developed using Pat Parelli’s system of the Seven Games.

Young Horse Handling is for horses that:

  • have been weaned from their mothers, and
  • are above 10 months of age

David will educate your horse to:

  • Catch easily
  • Tie safely
  • Stand quietly for trimming & bathing
  • Lead respectfully
  • Yield from pressure
  • Follow directions
  • Backs up/come forward
  • Circle at a trot & walk
  • Move sideways
  • Go into small spaces
  • Trailer load easily
  • Negotiate obstacles

David offers Young Horse Handling at his home property, “Coolibah”, Condamine Qld.

  • Fee per week, per horse – $990 for Horse Education
  • Fee per day, per horse – $25 for feed & Agistment