Long-Term Student Program

Welcome to the Long-Term Student Program.

David is now taking applications for his Long-Term Student Program, for students wanting to study with David for an extended period of time  at his horse development facility and working cattle property, in South Western Queensland. ‘Coolibah’ Condamine, Queensland.

David is passionate about his horsemanship, horsemanship goals and the Parelli Foundation Program. David is now looking to help students who wish to study the Parelli Program, and share his passion and vision to progress their horsemanship, and  follow the principles of the Parelli Program.

David has set goals for himself and his horses and will be looking to take on students who are looking to do the same. Successful applicants must be self motivated and able to set goals, have a plan for their horse each day as they take their horse through the Parelli Program Levels 1-4. Students are expected to be able to openly discuss their journey and take on board suggestions with a positive attitude. They must be willing and able to learn from observation, have self-empowerment goals, and be able to continue to progress their horse through the program in David’s absence.

‘Coolibah’ May Camps 2016.

Students applying for the Long-Term Student Program, please refer to David’s Calendar of Events, as David spends time away teaching.  Please apply for the months that best suit you, positions are Limited. * Please be aware that David’s calendar can change at anytime.

When David is not away teaching, most mornings David will be developing horses, either his clients or his own, along side these students and working around the property in the afternoons. David will at times ask for the student’s full attention as he demonstrates and shares different concepts and learning opportunities. All students should  be available to take advantage of these opportunities. All students will be given the time to ask questions after each session.

David teaches the Parelli Foundation Program, levels 1-4 in all 4 Savvies, and stands for the preservation of good horsemanship. He offers a Long-Term Student Program to students who are looking to become firstly a horseman and put the relationship with their horses first, before tasks and sporting goals. Student who wish to adopt this attitude will develop more depth and scope. Learning the art of horsemanship takes a lifetime of dedication and respect for the horse. David will at times be developing his higher level horses with concepts beyond level 4.

Students are encouraged to bring their own horse, as they will be encouraged and supported to pass the levels through the audition process. Lease horses can be made available upon request for overseas students, this will require a full disclosure of the students skill set, so an appropriate match can be made (principle number 7).

For those students wanting to extend their time past 6months of study with David, will be offered a no cost position and may be extended privileges. e.g. auditing and participation in courses/camps held at ‘Coolibah’. These privileges are earned and will be given only to students who have put time into their horsemanship and have a positive work ethic. David follows the seven keys to success,, and expects student to do the same. Only putting effort into students travelling in the same direction.

David asked for a commitment of 3 months, although he strongly recommends a minimum of 6 months to get the full experience. Applications are open to students who are looking  to commit and fully immerse for the full experience, those who have external distractions need not apply. Exceptions will be made for emergencies and illness.

A typical day will begin at 7:00 with daily chores, e.g. feeding horses, cleaning yards, maintaining grounds and general house keeping. Mornings are dedicated to horsemanship 4 hours, between 8-12, this time is for developing your horse through the Parelli Program or watching David start horses/foundation training or auditing/participation in courses/camps. Afternoons of 2-4 hours are dedicated to work time either helping at course/camps, grounds care and larger property projects, including moving cattle, cattle care and management. This is a working property and students must be prepared to put in half a day of property work, in David’s absence student will be expected to continue to develop their horses and projects assigned to them during this time, if a student is not able or willing to continue to uphold their part of this arrangement their position will be terminated at the end of the month. This program will not suit everyone, and David understands this situation fully and these students will be encouraged and supported to continue their journey elsewhere. Students may terminate their position at anytime.

David will be committed to progressing students to becoming well-rounded horseman & woman; David believes a good teacher will put a student in a situation where they can discover the answers. The Long Term Student program is not a camp/course (education/vacation) and is not about what David can teach you but what you can learn from David.

There are very limited spaces, students must be willing to live in close proximity to each other and offer support and work as a team. All students are required to stay on site, they have full use of the student lodge and the old dairy for storing tack, all tack must to kept clean and tidy at all times, with everything put away at the end of each session or day.

Students have full use of the Student Lodge, it is the responsibility of the students to keep the student lodge and their room/camp areas tidy at all times. David believes being particular in all areas of life, as being particular is part of being a good horseman.

Every Friday when David is home, he will meet with all Long-Term Students and individually assist and answer any questions, each student will be asked to give a progress report and demonstrate with their horse, their progress if asked, David will offer direct support and guidance at this time. This is a relaxed and fun time and students will not be put under undue stress, David will be looking to stretch each student without over stretching them.


Accommodation Options & Terms of Stay.

Option 1. $660.00/month includes – Private room with toilet and shower, reverse cycle air-conditioning, single bed, TV & DVD player (Please note there is no Free to Air TV available) with all linen supplied. 6 rooms available located in  and near the student lodge. (Note if required due to booking of accommodation by students attending courses/camps,  Long-Term Students will be asked to vacate their room and moved to a camping option, costs will be reduced to a camping rate during this time.)

Option 2. $550.00/month includes – Camping (area 5mx10m) with power. All camping equipment is the responsibility of the student.

Option 3.  $330.00/month includes – Camping (area 5mx10m) with no power. All camping equipment is the responsibility of the student.

An individual yard and yard cleaning equipment will be available for your horse at no cost. Students will be expected to clean their horses yard twice a day.

All feed and care costs of the students horses  are the students responsibility.

All meals and preparation of meals are the responsibility of the student. Transportation will be provided for overseas students once a week to shop. Students are welcome to have mail forwarded to themselves during their stay.

Students stay will be in calendar months from the 1st of each month until the last day of that month, and accommodation will be charged by the month, Payments will be made in advance at the beginning of each month. No refunds after the commencement of the each month.

All options include full use of student lodge and facilities.

Lease Horses available  upon request, (designed for overseas students and students travelling large distances who wish to spend time with David).

2017 Calendar of Events & Application form go to Calendar of Events & Pricing

Long-Term Student Program PDF CLICK HERE

Christian Long-Term Student from Germany, with his horse Floyd tailing cattle.

‘Coolibah’ 417 Redmarley Road CONDAMINE QLD 4416